Mabala onke nkosi yam
[All my stains my lord]
awungcolisa umoya wami
[When my soul gets dirty]
ngihlanze kuwo namhlanje
[Purify me with thee today]
ungenze ngikufuze ke
[Let me just like you]

Ngihlanze emoyeni wam
[Purify my soul]
mangibethelw’uqobo lwam
[Let me carry only your best]
senginikele konk’okwam
[I give all I have]
kuwe kuwe kuwe
[To you, to you, to you]

Kuwe baba
[To you father]
Ngibek’ ithemba lam
[I put my trust]

Thula wazi
[Be still and know]
[I am the Lord]

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