Yule Lyrics by Nairobi Chapel Choir

Song Tittle: Yule
Artiste: Nairobi Chapel Choir
Country: Kenya
Nimesikia ukitajwa mitaani (I have heard mentions of your name around)
Na kanisani waziimba sifa zako (The church sings of your praises)
Yasemekana wewe nimuweza yote. (It is said you are able to do all things)
Hakuna Jambo lolote likushindalo (There is nothing impossible with you)
Nashiza zote (All problems)
Unatatua (You heal)

magonjwa yote (all sicknesses)
wewe waponya. (You heal)
Ata na wafu. (Even the dead)
We wafufua (You raise them up)
Nashangaaaa. (Am in awe)
Wewe ni yule yule. (You are He)
Mungu wa musa yule. (God of Moses)
Na wajakobo yule. (He God of Jacob)
Anayeponya yule. (He who heals)
Anayependa yule (He who loves)
Mungu wa Musa yule. (The God of Moses)
Na wayakobo yule. (The God of Jacob)
Anayeinua yule. (He who lifts)
Anabariki yule (He who blesses)
Yule, yule, yule lelelele. [He is , he is]
lelelelelle haubadiliki kamwe. You never change

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