Yesu yo Elunga by Apostle Johnson Suleman full Lyrics

Song Title:  Yesu yo Elunga

Author:  Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Full Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh
Iye Iye Iye iye
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
Heykumo Heykumo
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
(Repeat chorus 3x)
when i was weak
You lifted me
I have no home
You gave me a shelter
People laughed and scorned at me
But look at me
Im a living testimony
(Repeat chorus – 2x)
Oh oh oh oh
Aye Aye Aye
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
Yesu yo elonga
(Repeat chorus)
Music interlude
Iye Iye Iye ……..3x
(Repeat 3x)
Winner man —-8x
Iye Iye Iye——–3x
Music interlude
Iye Iye Iye
(Repeat 2x)
Yesu yo elong ——3x
(Repeat 2x)
Iye Iye Iye
About Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson SulemanApostle Johnson Suleman is the senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, a Pentecostal Gospel church located in Edo State Nigeria.
Lives has been blessed through his ministrations and souls lifted via the grace of God in his ministrations.

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