Thina silindel’ usuku olukhulu
[We are waiting for the big day]
Lokubuya, ukubuya kukaJesu
[The arrival of Jesus]
Laph’ abangcwele bona bazohlwithwa
[Where the hollies will be chosen]
Eh bangcwele, amen hallelujah
Oh yek’ intokozo yokwazana nay’ uJesu
[What a pleasure it is to know Jesus]
Oh thina size la
[Us who come here]
Oh yek’ injabulo
[O what joy]
Injabulo yabangcwele
[Joy of the hollies]
Thina silindel’ usuku (We bangcwele)
Olukhulu (we bangcwele)
Lokubuya (we bangcwele)
Ukubuya kukaJesu (We bangcwele)
Laph’ abangcwele (we bangcwele)
Yena ezobalandaezobathatha (We bangcwele)
Eh bangcwele (We bangcwele)
Amen hallelujah (We bangcwele)
Oh yek’ intokozo (We bangcwele)
Yokwazana (we bangcwele)
Nay’ uJesu (We bangcwele)
O thina size la
Oyek’ injabulo
Injabulo yabangcwele
We bangcwele ikhon’ imiqhele
[Hollies there are crowns]
Ebekelwe ona amaqhawe
[Kept specially for the warriors]
Ngisho izingubo ezimhlophe
[Even the white blankets]
[They’re so fine]
Zihlanjw’ egazini
[Washed by the blood]
O yek’ intokozo
Yokwazana nay’ uJesu
O thina size la
O yek’ injabulo
Injabulo yabangcwele
Ngibon’ imiqhele yegolide
[I can see golden crowns]
Ngaphesheya kwelizayo lamafu
[From the land beyond the clouds]
Sinemiqhele siyibekelwe nguyen’ uJesu laphaya
[We have crowns Jesus kept for us over there]
Uzosithwesa ma sesifika khona le
[He will give them to us when we get there]

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