Wandithanda ndingekabikh’ emhlabeni
[You loved me before I was born]
Wandithatha wandibek’ emandulweni
Kungawe sendicula
[You’re the reason I sing]
Kodwa kudal’ ukhona
[Though you’ve always been there]
Ulithemba lam [You’re my hope]
Inkosi yothando [Prince of love]
Owandinik’ uxolo [you gave me peace]
Wandisindis’ ebumnyameni
[You kept me out of darkness]
That’s why I L.O.V.E You
By the things you do
Ngothando lwakho
[With your love]
Wandinik’ uJ.E.S.U.S
[You gave me JESUS]
I’ll always say yes
Konk’ okuhle kungawe
[All good things come from you]
Kungawe sengicula
Ngidumis’ ubukhulu bakho
[Praising your greatness]
Ulithemba lam 
(Ulithemba oh ulithemba)
Inkosi yothando
(Uyinkosi, nkosi yothando)
Owandinik’ uxolo
Wandisindis’ ebumnyameni
Wandithanda ndingekabikh’ emhlabeni
Wandithatha wandibek’ emandulweni
Kungawe sendicula
Ngidumis’ ubukhulu bakho

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