Tulizo (Comforter) Lyrics by Adawnage Band

(Sung in Swahili)
Kwa kweli ulinipenda nikiwa bado sijakujua (You loved me before I knew You)
Ukanipa mwanga wako nisije kwamba nikateleza (You gave me Your light that I may not slip)
Ukaniita mwana wako, vidonda vyote ukaviziba (You called me you son, and healed all my wounds)
Na sasa niko huru, lawama yote ulijitwika (Now I am free, for You bore all my blame)

Ni wewe tu, muumba vyote ulinipenda (It is only You, Creator of All who loved me)
Ni wewe tu, maisha yangu kafanya mapya (It is only You, who has renewed my life)
Ni wewe tu, tulizo wa moyo wangu (It is only You, who comforts my soul)
Ni wewe, ni wewe ni wewe (It is You) x2
Nauliza, nimuishie nani mimi (I ask, who else should I go to?)
Nauliza, nimuabudu nani mimi (I ask, who else should I worship?)
Jehovah nimenyosha mikono, nitakuabudu milele (Lord I have lifted my hands, I’ll worship you forever)
Muweza, unaweza, na hakuna kama wewe (You are Powerful, and able, there’s no one like You)
Nauliza, nimkimbilie nani mimi? (I ask, who else should I run to?)
Nauliza, nimuogope nani mimi? (I ask, who else should I fear?)
Masiya, hakuna haya ya kukimbilia wewe (Messiah, there is no shame in running to You)
Kwa maana nimeona hakuna kama wewe (For I have seen that there is none like You)
Hakuna, hakuna, mwenye penzi kama lako Baba (There is no love like your Love, Father)
Hakuna, hakuna, baraka kama zako wewe (There are no blessings like Your blessings)
Hakuna, hakuna, aliyenifia ila wewe (There is no one else who died for my sake, but You)
Hakuna, hakuna, ee ee (There is none)

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