Tomorrow Lyrics ft (Lara George, ID Cabasa) by Onos

Verse 1 – Onos
May have no bed to lie on
Or lay your head
Bills upon bills
They pile up you’re running scared
You’ll never know when the light
Is gonna Shine(the light will shine)
You’ll never know when the solution is gonna come(hey!)
You never know when the change
Is gonna come (hey!)
Keep on believing
It won’t be long nobody knows
Chorus (2x)

ID Cabasa
l’ve been asking so many questions
All about tomorrow
l don’t know,you don’t know
Nobody knows tomorrow

Verse 2 – Onos
You have all you desire could ever need
God don bless you yanfu yanfu
With money and pinkin
The shine you dey shine now is not by your power o!
The fame wen you get now is not by your power o!
The money wen you get now is not by your power o!
You better give the praise to your heavenly father cos nobody knows

(Repeat Chorus)(2x)

Verse 3 – Lara George
Adiye ti o ku
Shi le je agbado
Oju orun ti eye n fo
Lai fara kan ra
Ko si eda to mo ola o (Ko si eda to mo ola)
Said no one knows tomorrow
Ko si eda to mo ola
Why you dey worry yourself my brother(God knows)
Why you dey worry yourself my sister(God Knows)
Make you take am easy because things won’t always be the same
Make you take am easy because life na jeh jeh o!!

(Repeat Chorus)(2x)
Ad lips-Nobody knows ,no one knows
No disturb yourself ,make you just dey try ,no worry yourself make you no dey cry.
Leave for tomorrow with less sorrow
Today you still dey borrow but come tomorrow you’ll be the lead for others to follow hey!hey!hey!
You no go die for ghetto
Believe there is tomorrow o!
Ehn!as you sow you go reap o!
No one knows no one knows o!!

l don’t know you don’t know nobody knows tomorrow 

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