Tubonge [Let’s Talk] (Jose Chameleon)

(Sung in Swahili)Nina wewe wa kweli (I have You in truth)
Katika wote ninaye ni wewe (Amongst all I have, You are the one)
Ananipenda kamili bila kipimo (He loves me completely)
Ananipenda hakuna kiasi (He loves me with unquantifiable love)
Ningependa nikuone nikupe vyote vyangu (I would love to see you)
nikupe chochote Unachotaka chochote upate (to give you all I have)
lakini sina namna ya kukupata (But I have no way to meet you face to face)Refrain:
Ungekuwa nafasi unaishi (If you lived in a physical place)
Hata ingekuwa mbali vipi (No matter how far it was)
Ningekuja nikuone wewe (I would have come to see you)
Unge kuwa na nambari Facebook au Twitter (If you had a phone number, FB or twitter)
Lakini hata sura ulificha (But you’ve hidden your face from me)

Njoo, nimesubiri sana lini tutaonana (come, I have waited for long when will we meet?)
Njoo, I don’t know what to do; I’m waiting for you
Njoo, nimesubiri sana lini tutaonana (come, I have waited for long when will we meet?)
Njoo, Rafiki wa kweli, rafiki milele (Come,my friend in truth, my friend forever)

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Rafiki yangu nimempa sasa tuzo (My friend whom I have honored)
Na siri zangu nyingi siogopi mateso (With my secrets and do not fear persecution)
Hawa wabishi hawanitishi na mawazo (My enemies do not bother me)
Ninaye Mlinzi wangu sasa mimi sitaki fujo (I have my defender; I don’t want conflict)
Nikiwa naye siogopi vya devil (When I’m with Him, I do not fear the devil)
Madevil, ongesa Bass na treble (The devil – add Bass and treble)
Nimtaje kama naimba tangazo (Let me name him like an announcement (?))

Tubonge (Let’s talk)
Njoo nikupe chochote unataka (Come, let me give you everything you want)
Hatujakutana mi nakufuata (We’ve never met, but I follow you)
Njoo nikukaribishe kwangu (Let me welcome You to my home)
Njoo nikupikie chakula tamu (Let me prepare food for you)
Naomba nikuonnyeshe na watoto wangu (Let me show you my children)
Njoo nikuonnyeshe baba mama wangu (Let me introduce you to my parents)
Nikuonyeshe marafiki zangu (And to show you my friends)
Nami na moyo wangu (And me and my heart)

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