Title: Shuka Baba (Come Down Father) (Eunice Njeri)

(Sung in Swahili)

Shuka utende Yesu, Kenya tunakungoja (Come down Jesus, Kenya awaits you)
Shuka utende Yesu, Watu tunakungoja (Come down Jesus, we are waiting for you)

Hapa hatutoki Bwana, hadi tukuone (We won’t leave, until we see you)
Wala hatutasinzia, hadi tukuone (Neither shall we slumber, until we see you)
(Shuka ee, Shuka Baba – (Come down, Come down Father))

Jamii zilizotengana, mayatima Baba (Conflicted tribes and the orphans father)
Viumbe vyote Baba, wote tunakungoja (All creations Father, we all await)
Jamii zilizotengana, mayatima Baba (Conflicted tribes and the orphans father)
Nena neno moja, wote tunakungoja (Just say one word, we are all waiting for you)


Wajane na wagonjwa, matajiri wote (The widows, the sick and the rich)
Dunia nzima yahweh, wote tunakungoja (All the world awaits you Yahweh)
Nena kwa sauti, nena neno lako (Speak with a loud voice, speak your word)
Tu tayari kusikiza, wote tunakungoja (We are ready to listen, we all await you)


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Kama siku, siku ya Pentekote (Just like the day of Pentecost)
Shuka na moto wako, ututembelee  (Descend with your fire, and visit with us) (Repeat)


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