Neema ya Golgotha [Golgotha’s Grace] (Gaby Kamanzi)

(Sung in Swahili – A Hymn)

Nilipofika Goligotha, (When I arrived at Golgotha)
Nikaiona huko (I saw while there)
Neema kubwa kama mto (Grace flowing like the river)
Neema ya kutosha (Sufficient grace)

Neema ya Golgotha, (The Grace of Golgotha)
Ni kama bahari kubwa (Is like a great ocean)
Neema tele na ya milele, (Overflowing and everlasting grace)
Neema ya kutosha (Sufficient grace)

Nilipofika moyo wangu (When I arrived, my heart)
Ulilemewa sana (Was completely overwhelmend)
Sikufahamu bado vema (I did not fully understand)
Neema yake kubwa (His Great Grace)


Nilipoona kwamba (When I saw that)
Yesu alichukua dhambi (Jesus took our sins)
Neema ikazidika (Grace abounded)
Damuyo ukapona (And we’re healed by Your blood)


Mbinguni tutakapofika (When we get to Heaven)
Furaha itakuwa (What joy we shall have)
Kuimba juu ya neema (Singing on that Grace)
Milele na milele (Forevermore)


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