Title: Mtakatifu (Holy) (Frank Njuguna)

(Sung in Swahili)

Sitaabudu miungu mingine, (I will not worship other gods)
Iliyo na mifano yeyote (Fashioned in any way)
Sitapiga magoti yangu nisujudu (I will not bow down to worship)
Nitakusanya sadaka zangu ziwe manukato (But will bring my offering as incense)
Kwa Yesu, astahili sifa (To Jesus, who deserves praise)

Naleta sadaka za sifa kwako Bwana (I bring my sacrifice of praise to You Lord)
Heshima na mamlaka zipokee (Receive all the glory and honor)
Mtakatifu, mtakatifu, nakuita mtakatifu (Holy, Holy, I call you Holy)
Oh Yesu, wewe mtakatifu (Oh Jesus, You are Holy)

Pokea sifa na utukufu (Receive praise and glory)
Na heshima ni zako Bwana (And all honor belongs to you Lord)
Pokea sifa na utukufu (Receive praise and glory)
Na heshima Bwana (And honor, Lord)

Uh, Oh Yesu, wewe mtakatifu (Uh…, Oh Jesus you are Holy)

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