Title: Masikio Ya Mungu (God’s Ears) (Ole Willy)

(Sung in Swahili)

Masikio ya Mungu yanasikia (God’s ears are attentive) x2
Oohh Masikio ya Mungu yanasikia (Oh God’s ears are attentive) (Repeat)

Kuna kitu unataka lakini bado hujapata (You have a need that has not been met)
Umeomba lakini unadhani Mungu hasikii (You’ve prayed, you thing God doesn’t hear)
Tangu uzaliwe, miguuni hujava kiatu (From birth, you’ve never worn shoes)
Sema neno, sema tu anasikia (Just say the word, He hears you)
Umelia sana, umechoka wewe mama (You’re exhausted by weeping you widow)
Tangu mumeo aage, wakweze wanakutesa
(Since your husband’s passing, your inlaws hound you)
Wanasema hufai, watoto wako ni machokoraa
(Saying you’re useless, your children only fit for the streets)
Masikio yake, masikio (His ears, He hears)


Siasa, siasa zinafanya unakonda (Gossip affects your health)
Rafiki, maneno za watu zinafanya mnakosana (You lose your friends because of words)
Eti alisema this, alisema that, hapana! (That He said this, she said that)
Wacha mwenyezi yeye atalipia (Leave it to the Almighty to avenge you)
Na kama ni masomo, umesoma shule zote umealiza (You’ve completed your studies)
Katafuta kazi miaka saba, umekosa (For 7 years you’ve looked for work, nothing)
Usife moyo, usife moyo (Don’t lose heart, don’t lose heart)
Masikio yake, masikio (His ears, He hears)


Ulele ulele ulele x3
Tangu asubuhi, hadi asubuhi, halali hasinzii yeye anasikia
(From dawn to dawn, he does not sleep nor slumber)
Usilie kwa sababu wewe umeitwa tasa (Do not cry for being called barren)
Huyo mtoto wamtamani sasa unaweza pata
(The child you desire, you will be blessed)
Mwite Mola, mwite Daddy (Call to God, call your Father)
Masikio yake, masikio (His ears, He hears)

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