Title: Kaa Nami (Abide in Me) Lyrics by Mercy Lai

(Sung in Swahili)

Kaa nami, mwokozi Yesu (Abide in me Savior, Jesus)
Oh wa uzima, u mwema kwangu (Of Life, you are good to me)
Refrain:Ukae nami Messia (Abide in me Saviour)
Nakupenda Yesu, ulinifia mimi (I love You Jesus, You died for me)
Nakupenda Yesu, uliniokoa mimi (I love You Jesus, You saved me)
Refrain:Ukae nami Messia (Abide in me Saviour)
Naposongwa songwa na shida za dunia (When I’m troubled by the world)
Na maadui wangu wanaponiandama (When my enemies surround me)
Wajaponiinukia na kuniangamiza (When they rise against me to finish me)
Sina shaka najua, wewe Jehova Nissi (I know without a doubt that you are the Lord, my Banner)
Refrain:Ukae nami Messia (Abide in me Saviour)
Ninapoamka, fadhili nipe kila siku (When I rise, grant me your mercy everyday)
Na ninapotembea, nuru nimulikie (When I walk, light my path)
Maji wa uzima, mkate wa uhai (Living water, Bread of Life)
Jina lako Emmanueli, Mungu pamoja nasi (Your name is Emmanuel, God with us)

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