There Is None Like Him by Mississippi Mass Choir Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: There Is None Like Him

Artist: Mississippi Mass Choir


There Is None Like Him written by Frank Williams & Jerry Smith and recorded by Mississippi Mass Choir

The Full Lyrics

There is no one like the Father.
There is no one like the Son.
There is no one like the Holy Ghost.
There is none like Him.

Verse 1:
The Father took His time and made us,
the Son came down and died for us,
the Holy Ghost came like a mighty, rushing wind;
so we could repent, be baptized, and free from our sins.

Verse 2:
The world did not know the Father,
and the Son came to teach us about His love,
the Holy Ghost came to reveal all three;
how they work together just to set us free.

(I remember the time when I was lost in sin,
Jesus came and took me in.
Ever since that day, ever since that hour,
I’ve got power to tell you there is no one…)

Vamp 1:
There is no one like Jesus.

Vamp 2:

Vamp 3:
There is no one like Jesus.
There is no one like ????

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