Steve Crown’s Full Biography, Albums and Songs Lyrics in-full

About Steve Crown Steve Crown is one of  the popular gospel artist in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond. He became famous with His hit track "You Are Great", which is one of the most-played Gospel songs in crusades and Christian gatherings.His lyrical pattern is in tandem with modern Gospel songs, worship and Christian praises. Steve Crown's Full Biography The Abuja based gospel artist was Read On

Top 50 Gospel Songs Lyrics in Hausa/Fulani Languages

Praising God in various languages is lovely, and as such should be embraced inanimously by every praise-loving beliver that's filled with grace for honoring God.We have done our best in coming up with list of Gospel songs lyrics in Igbo, in Yoruba, in French,  Efik/Ibibio and some other Nigerian langauges. And would continue same trend with Gospel songs in Hausa/Fulani langauges. List of Top Read On

Top 105 Gospel Songs Lyrics in Efik/Ibibio Languages

This is bringing to you another awesome list of Gospel songs and Video Lyrics in Efik/Ibibio Languages. This is deemed to beat our earlier list of Gospel music lyrics in Nigerian Indigenous Languages hands-down.It is the only comprehensive list of Efik/Ibibio Gospel songs lyrics you are going to find on the internet. Popular musics and songs by Efik/Ibibio Lyricist are featured in this Read On

Top 200 Igbo Gospel Music: List of Igbo Praise Songs W/ Lyrics & Video

Our earlier post on top 20 Gospel songs in Igbo language was greeted with love as many of our readers expressed a full sense of fulfillment in the comment section.We have decided to improve on the same, by coming up with this ultimate list of two hundred (200) Gospel songs in Igbo language.Songs with music videos are well represented, this is to enable you learn to sing in Igbo with the Read On

Yoruba Songs LyricsPedia: Ultimate List of 200 Yoruba Gospel Songs Lyrics & Videos

One of our new year resolution is to promote heavenly musics, songs and videos the best way we can and to the right audience.Here is bringing to you the ultimate list of 200 Gospel songs in Yoruba language. Listed with it, is their lyrics in-full, YouTube videos and sharing methods.This is a huge improvement on our earlier post on Top 15 Yoruba Gospel music Lyrics.The List Today's Read On

French Gospel Songs Lyrics: Top 100 French Gospel Songs to Learn in 2017

Here's the ultimate list of top 100 best Gospel songs lyrics in French language. We urge you to learn and practice with this in 2017 and beyond.List like this doesn't come often. We started the trend with our list of Igbo gospel song and lyrics, continued with that of Yoruba gospel songs, Gospel songs lyrics in pigeon English and lots more. The List This list is presented in no particular Read On