Sinach – You Deserve

When we lift up our hands It is an offering to you And in liberty we worship and we pray 2xyou deserve, you deserve you deserve the lifting of our hands to you 2x Lead by Sinach. Read On

Sinach – The Battle Is Already Won

Sinach - The Battle Is Already WonThe battle is already won We have the victory in His Name 4x We have overcome Through the blood of Jesus Christ We have overcome With the testimonies of our lips Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh In His name 2xLead by Sinach Read On

Sinach – I’m Blessed

Sinach - I'm BlessedAm blessed3x Oh am blessed 3x Kings shall come to my rising For am favoured and graced In all I do I shall prosper Everything I touch shall be blessed Read On

Sinach – Born to Win

You bled and died that I might live Your body broken now am healed Your blood was shed all for my righteousness And now I walk in victory Oh, oh and now I walk in victory I was born to win I was born to reign in Christ I am not defeated No matter what I see I will always win Whatever comes my way I will always winLead by Sinach. Read On