Grace Lyrics By Salvation Ministries Choir

Our Saviour king who I risen abide in us His blood took our nature of sin and shame To become sons of God and joint heirs with ChristSo by faith, we believe as He is, we are And His glory revealed to us That by grace we are saved Through eternal love Yes His glory revealed through us May your grace abound to us Oh Lord May your grace abound to usKing of kings we exalts your Read On

Lift up my Eyes Lyrics by Salvation Ministries Choir

Verse: I will lift up my eyes to the Heavens From whence come my help For the Lord, has been so nice Is worthy to be praise Lifting my eyes to hills From whence comes my help I will always live to smile For I know oh, that He loves my Soul.Chorus: I will lift up my eyes to the Heavens Before the Lord I will lift up my eyes to the hills The source of my Read On

Bianu Sorom Lyrics By Salvation Ministries Choir

Lead Vocal: Nwanan ibianu sorom ehCHORUS:Ibianu sorom Sorom kele Chukwu oh... Ibianu bulia eh... Bulia Jesus Elo oh...Mma mma diri gi oh... Chineke Onye wen m... Otitu diri gi oh... Nara Ekele ey...SOLO 1: You might be weak and never lay down thou trial, just to weigh you down your fellow man, provoke you up and free thenselves leaving you in the body Read On


INTRO: Mama Mama Mama Mama Iyelem, Iyelem, Iyelem, Iyelem Hmmm, hmmm, eyele Aaah… Hmmm, hmmm eyelele Aaah…VERSE 1: We are first and Citizens, of the Kingdom of God Ambassadors of Christ, here on Earth We carry a NOBLE Mentality, anywhere we go We must shine like a star We must shine, shine, shine We are Above and not beneath The first and not the last The head and not Read On


VERSE 1: For the Miracles you’ve done You made the blind to see And the lame, you made them to walk The same yesterday, Today and forever Just wanna say Thank You my GodSOLO 1: (IN CALABARI) Waseme Tamuno  ooo… Wari boma me ooo… Sona pre na teme Tamuno ooo… El baka me eh… Wayanabo ooo… Fewya fewya kele Tamuno ooo Emete eeaah…SOLO 2: (IN CALABAR) Ase Ana Pana Abasi Read On


CHORUS: E don better for you oh E don better for you oh E don better for you oh This year (Repeat 2x)VERSE I: Oh this year, You gu build your own house You gu marry your own wife You gu buy your own car Eaahee this year E don better for you oh E don better for you ey Eaahee this yearCHORUS: (Repeated 2x)VERSE II: Anything wey dey worry you Mek you no worry Read On

Lyrics: Chioma me eh*** by Salvation Ministries Choir

Song Title: Chioma me eh*** Author: Salvation Ministries Choir The Lyrics Chorus: You are my H… E… R… O… You are my K… I… N… G… You are my presence help A… L… W… A… Y… S… In You, I’ve got a friend A friend indeed Your Love is so Great Can’t express it all (2ce)Bridge: OH… OH… OH… OH… EY… EY… EY… EY… OH… OH… OH… OH…Chioma me eh… (2ce) Odigi Onye dika gi Chioma me eh Chi Ngi Read On

Glorified (Salvation Ministry Choir)

Title: Glorified (Salvation Ministry Choir)Verse: I am the head and not the tail I am above and not beneath Distinguished by His Glorious light To stand up  where ever am found I am a carrier of His Glory To show forth His praise on Earth His Glory it's rasen upon me (2x).Chorus: God has Glorified me... The Glory of the Lord is Rasen Upon me... Glorified me... E... Read On

The Great Physician (Salvation Ministry Choir)

  Title: The Great Physician (Salvation Ministry Choir)Intro: And I speak with all authority, be delivered In the Name of Jesus Be Healed in the Name of Jesus GloriousIt is well with your business It is well with your body It is well with your marriage It is well with your academics It is well with your lives It is well with your family In the Name of Read On