My Heart by Micheal Tait the Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: My Heart Artist: Micheal TaitTHE FULL LYRICS My Heart Half of you has been taken The other half is barely holding on You set a course across the ocean You had a dream And now it's all but lost But I want you to know I won't let you goOh my heart aches for you Oh my heart breaks for you Oh my heart bleeds for you Whatever may come I'll stand by youWho you are Read On

Altars by Micheal Tait Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: AltarsArtist: Micheal Tait  THE FULL LYRICS Can you feel the silent cries Over solemn need Underneath the city lights They're altars in the street Through the walls I hear the sound Of a beggar's plea Looking for salvation from The altars in the streetAnd it's so sad People drifted away on a concrete sea It's too bad Faded livesCHORUS Burn, won't you Read On

Wait by Micheal Tait The Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: WaitArtist: Micheal Tait  The Full Lyrics Looking out my front door I see a frantic world desperate for more Quick fix at your fingertips The longer it takes the harder it getsBut I'll wait for You To give me everything I need I'm gonna wait for You You make my life complete Yeah, You know You doWe want it all and we want it now Caught in a high speed Read On

Talk About Jesus by Micheal Tait Full Lyrics

Song Title: Talk About JesusArtist: Micheal Tait  Words by Michael Tait, Daniel Joseph & Larry Norman | Music by Michael Tait and Daniel Joseph The Full Lyrics You never told me, but you always said you'll be here, we'll pray for you Echoes in my head I still remember, longing to escape Like a man in prison chains, is my life in vainI cry out for you to hear And I Read On

Looking For You by Micheal Tait Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: Looking For YouArtist: Micheal Tait Words & Music by Michael Tait, Chad Chapin & Pete Stewart The Full Lyrics Wide awake, chasing sleep, Life's so bittersweet Like a dream, remembering, When I could talk to you We were safe in a world of harm Before I knew it our love was gone I miss you so muchI'm looking for you, Cause you're all that's true to Read On

God Can You Hear Me by Micheal Tait Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: God Can You Hear MeArtist: Micheal TaitThe Full Lyrics God Can You Hear MeI've been here before It's hard to ignore I'm so used to fighting The same old warsOh what do you see when your looking at me Have I taken You for granted I can't afford this pain anymore Won't You help me understand itGod can You hear me I need You here tonight I'm tired of Read On