Eledumare Lyrics By Kenny Kore

Eledumare Lyrics By Kenny KoreSomebody dey wey go brighten up my day He go take away my sins and my shame I don see your face E dey shine of love and grace O my Lord today, you don do me something great.Because You do me something glorious….glorious You do something wonderful…………………wonderful You do something marvellous…………………marvellous You don do something Read On

Carry Me Dey Go by House Of Playright, Kenny K’Ore Lyrics

Song Title: Carry Me Dey GoAuthor:  House Of Playright featuring Kenny K’Ore The Full Lyrics INTRO House of playright plus kore ooo ooo Carry me dey go dey go oo ooo 2xCHORUS Carry me dey go baba carry me dey go dey go 2x Carry me waka baba carry me waka waka dy go Carry me dy go baba carry me dy go dy go Carry me waka ah baba carry me dy go dy go oooh ehyaSTANZA 1 – PRINCESS Read On

Your Peace Lyrics by Kenny K’ore

It took a while for me to seeWhat YOU are to meIt’s like water to a thirsty soulpour you over meThings don’t always have to go rightCus you are with meI can just close my eyesAnd shut the world outI can just close my eyesAnd let YOU into meYOUR peace I findYOUR peace I findIn the middle of the stormYOUR peace I findYOUR peace I findWhen the thunder roarsYOUR peace I findYOUR peace I findAs the Read On

He Restores My Soul Lyrics by Kenny K’ore

You said, those who wait on youshall mount on the wings as eaglesthey shall run and not be wearythey shall move and not faintYou said, and I heard; I heardHe restores my soul, He restores my soulLet me say it againHe restores my soul, He restores my soulHe restores my soul, He restores my soulHe restores my soul, He restores my soulGive me the BibleI’m His DiscipleThe life I live is not Read On

Are You Ready Lyrics by Kenny K’Ore

Na na na na nana na na na nana na na na na na na naIniquity fills the LandPride of life rules the mindas the people’s heart is waxing coldthe preacher’s are becoming politiciansKingdom rises against kingdomNations war against nationChristianity without Jesus,the new religion in vogueYou better learn to see the signsDon’t be the first to compromise[Christ is coming soonAre you ready? x4Are Read On

Sucre Lyrics by Kenny K’Ore

Take My Heart as the tokenAccept my father as your own tooA three cord is not easily brokenYou and MeStaying under the shadow of JehovahYou and MeTinrinrinrinrin, I love youTinrinrinrinrin, You love meWe shall never have a better yesterdayas Jehovah is our futureYou and MeBaby, You and Medarling, you and meSucre !Sucre ! eh ehAll things are working togetherallowing you and me be one Read On