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About Steve Crown

Steve Crown picture and full biography Steve Crown is one of  the popular gospel artist in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond. He became famous with His hit track “You Are Great“, which is one of the most-played Gospel songs in crusades and Christian gatherings.

His lyrical pattern is in tandem with modern Gospel songs, worship and Christian praises.

Steve Crown’s Full Biography

The Abuja based gospel artist was born into a family of six in Igede village, Benue State. His full name is Steve Crown Okolo.

He caught interest in music at a very tender age and took a step forward by joining St. John’s Anglican Church Choir at seven (7) years of age.

Crown is a leading-edge gospel song writer, composer and producer. Triggered with the vision to save the lost souls, encourage the broken hearted and also to help the World discover the Sovereignty and awesomeness of GOD. He founded LAKELIGHT ENTERTAINMENT.

This Label was formed with the awareness of Steve Crown’s love for mankind through his divinely inspired songs. The spirited superstar has performed with many great and famous artists on stage and also has sang in various places, such as; crusades, concerts and christian gatherings.

Here is what He said when asked how he came about his famous Hit-Track “You Are Great“.

“Sometimes, I sit and ask myself questions. I keep trying to find the right answers to them. I ask myself questions on the existence of man, I ask myself how creation, sun, birds, and sea came about. Everything is just perfect”

“Time and season come and go without failing. I have asked myself questions about miracles. You see someone who had a problem and the problem was solved, just because he called upon Jesus.”

“I wondered about all these mysteries. But the one that makes me wonder the most is God, who created heaven and earth, can we tell who created Him? Okay, that question can run anybody mad. So, for me, I felt that God who we can’t tell who created must be feared. He is just way too much for us to comprehend, and that is how You Are Great came about. Most prophets of old wrote about Him, but there is much more about Him that a human being can describe.”

List of Steve Crown’s Songs and their Full Lyrics

Crown has released many inspiring and spiritually-motivated songs which he compiled into an Album. At the moment, he has a single released Album  to his credit.

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Below are his songs in-full, together with their lyrics and video.


1. You Are Great

Verse 1:
you are great, yes you are, holy one.
Walked upon the sea, rise the dead.
Reign in majesty, mighty God.
Everything written about you is great.

you are great (you are great) {x3}
you are great!!!
(Repeat chorus from beginning)
Everything written about you, is great
Worship you today!
Give you all the praise,
Mighty mighty God,
worship you today,
give you all the praise,
as we lift our hands to you,
with pleasure in our heart,
we raise our voice to say,
everything written about you, is great
isi ike’ndu
worship you today,
give you all the praise,
as we lift our hands to you
with pleasure in our heart
raise our voice to say
everything written about you, is great

Demon trembles at your presence
what a mighty God we serve
glory, glory Alleluia,
Everything written about you, is great
(Repeat chorus)
you are great, so great.
we worship you lord, king of kings,
and lord of lords
oh so great you are,
doing marvelous things,
everything written about you is great…..


The Video


2. We Wait On You

This particular track takes me to another realm in the spirit whenever it plays to my hearing. It is so inspiring and spirit-filled.


Holy Spirit you are welcome,

Come fIll this temple with your presence,

oh! oh!, Holy Spirit you are’ welcome

Come fIll this temple with your presence,



We wait on you!

Lord we wait on you!

The Video


3. Sunan Sa

Daga sunan sa…
All the way…

I will praise and lift you higher
In the morning and the noon time
As a people, we’re rejoicing
I will rise all the way and daga ubangiji…

Zan daga sunan sa
Maiceto na
All the way…

The Video


4. Imela

Verse 1:
You’re the reason I live
You’re the air that I breath
Your spirit covers all the earth
With power in Your word
We exalt thee in our worship
God of all the earth
Alpha omega
Adonai we bow before thee

Chukwu nwanile
Onyezoputa eh
You’re the God of all the earth
You’re awesome

Imela Odironyedikagi
Imela naraekele naotuto
(Repeat Chorus twice)

Verse 2:
From the ends of the earth
To the depth of the seas
Your spirit covers all the earth
You are mighty in your works
We exalt thee in our worship
God of all the earth
Alpha Omega
Adonai we bow before thee

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Oh oh oh (4x)

[Repeat Chorus]
You are bigger than what people say
Mighty Father
I give You all the praise
Love You Lord
Love You Father

Oh oh oh
I love You lord

The Video


5. Awesome God


I will extol thee, lift up your name on high
Cause you are worthy awesome God
Nations will rise and sing
Oceans and seas will roar
As we lift up our hands awesome Gid
Ooh oh oh /2x
Lord you reign, Awesome God


Creations shall declare your glory
Trees in the fields will bow down
Lord, you reign awesome God

The Video


6. You Alone

Oh oh oh (x2)
Oh oh oh oh (x2)

Cause you alone are worthy (x2)
Worthy to be praised
You alone are worthy (x3)
Worthy to be praised
Let me hear you say
You alone are worthy (3x)
Worthy to be praised


Every body say!
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh

(Iyeh)Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh

Hahahaha, Oh oh oh Oh oh oh (Jesus)
Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh

Lift your voice say oh
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh

You alone are worthy (3x)
Worthy to be to be praised
For you alone are worthy
You alone are worthy (2x)
Worthy to be praised
Let me hear you say

(Chorus – 2x)

Let me hear you say oh
Oh oh oh (3x)

Oh oh oh (2x)
(Hehe ah)
Oh oh oh oh (2x)

Somebody lift you voice and say oh
Oh oh oh (3x)

Somebody raise your voice to worship tonight
Oh oh oh

Jesus is here
Oh oh oh

Healing power is here
Oh oh oh oh

The Video


In Summary:

Steve Crown is one artist we hugely appreciate his contribution in making songs and music that gives glory to God. We hope to feature more of his songs and videos in future updates.

Thanks for visiting and reading about Steve Crown’s songs and full biography.

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