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Nyangwe zvikarema zvikasvikepi,
(No matter how hard it becomes)
Vakadzidza vakazvitadza
(And even if the educated may fail to give us a solution)
Nyika dzimwe dzikatiseka
(Even if other countries may laugh at us)
hatingapererwi netariro
(we will not despair or loose hope)
Zimbabwe Mwari vanogoida
(Zimbabwe,God will always love it)
Kunevana vake ku Zimbabwe
(To his children in Zimbabwe)
tichadaidza Mwari wedu
(We will call upon our God)
tichadaidza Mwari wedu
(We will call upon our God)

Jehovah, mwari munogona
(Jehovah, Lord You are good)
Jehovah, mwari munogona
(Jehovah, Lord You are good)
Jehovah, munotigonera
(Jehovah, You are so good to us)
Jehovah, vanhu tese tinokundikana,
(Jehovah, all the people may fail us)
Asi imwi munogoona
(But You God are so good to us)

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