Eze by Mercy Chinwo ft Preye Odede – Complete Lyrics

Song title: EzeArtists: Mercy Chinwo and Preye Odede  THE FULL LYRICS Mercy Chinwo Eze, Odighi Onye dika Gi Eze, Odighi Onye dika Gi Eze mo, Odighi Onye dika Gi Eze, Odighi Onye dika GiN’elu uwa ne eluigwe N’ala mmuo I bu Eze Eze, Odighi Onye dika Gi (Repeat)Eze, Odighi Onye dika Gi /2x (Eze mo) Eze Odighi Onye dika Gi /2xN’elu uwa ne eluigwe N’ala mmuo I bu Read On

Rejoice by Sonnie Badu Complete Lyrics

Song Title: RejoiceArtist: Sonnie Badu  THE FULL LYRICS Chorus: Rejoice in the Lord always Oh My Soul rejoice in the Lord always Again I say Rejoice In The Lord Always Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice, RejoiceVerse: Woke up this morning burdened and broken down No food on my table, The Landlord knocking on my door Everybody pointing fingers, No one to Read On

Still you reign by sonnie badu complete lyyrics

Song Title: Still you reignArtist: Sonnie Badu  THE FULL LYRICS Still You reign Still You rule Still You’re King And Lord of all (Repeat 5 times)Oghene Doh Doh Oghene Doh Lord You reignDoh Oghene Doh Oghene Doh Doh Oghene Doh Lord You reign (repeat 5 times)Verse 2 (Annie Badu)I’ve searched through all eternity None but Jesus Christ has set me freeI’m Read On

Top 5 Christian Hip-Pop Songs of the Moment and their Lyrics

Organizing a party or want to shake your body a bit? Here are some dance-able hip-pop songs to lit up your event. We've included the lyrics so you can sing along with the artist as you move/shake your body, dancing to the glory of Jesus Christ. 1. I'll Find You by Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly Chorus: Tori Kelly Just fight a little longer, my friend It's all worth it in the end But when you got Read On

I’m not lucky, I’m loved by Jonathan McReynolds Lyrics

Song Title: I'm not lucky, I'm lovedArtist: Jonathan McReynolds  THE FULL LYRICS Maybe I succeed a little I jumped up from the floor to the middle You think I want the credit I don't Cause that glory, ain't made for me, no I know who sits on the throne Who makes the stage and writes the songs And I know I, couldn't do this on my own And as much as I complain I've seen more Read On

Can’t Turn Back (WAR) by Charles Jenkins Complete Lyrics

Song Title: Can't Turn BackArtist: Charles Jenkins  THE FULL LYRICS You might as well put your hands together Put them together, come on Put them togetherI got joy in my soul God is in control I got satan on my trail But I'm singing all is well He's attacking everyday But I'm watching while I pray No matter the attack I won't turn back This means war - This means war Read On