Manifest Your Power By Chris Shalom Complete Lyrics

Song Title: Manifest Your Power Artist: Chris ShalomTHE FULL LYRICS Chorus Manifest Your power (4x) Omnipotent God, manifest Yourself today (2x)Verse Fill this place with Your presence Fill this place with Your power As we wait on You, do what only You can do (repeat) Oh oh oh oh......Repeat Chorus 3timesBridge Show Your power Lord, as we wait on You Do what only You Read On

Oruko Jesu by Psalm Ebube Complete Lyrics

Song Title: Oruko Jesu Artist: Psalm EbubeTHE FULL LYRICS There’s just one name On earth and above. Only one name that can open every door. There’s Just one name that can do all things That name is Jesus Oruko eru JojoPre- Chorus Oruko Jesu kikida Agbara You’re my Lord You’re my God Oruko tiku gbo to wole lo So much power in the nameChorus: Demons flee, Chains are Read On

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon Complete Lyrics

Song Title: Bridge Over Troubled Water Artist: Paul Simon  THE FULL LYRICS When you’re weary Feeling small When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all I’m on your side When times get rough And friends just can’t be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me downWhen you’re down and out When you’re on the Read On

Heaven Will Be Our Reward by Soweto Gospel Choir – Complete lyrics

Song Title: Heaven Will Be Our Reward Artsit: Soweto Gospel ChoirTHE FULL LYRICSIt you make a bad decision, It will land you in prison. You can't kill, cheat or lie, When none of it's justified.The Bible tells us what's a sin, All the actions we can't defend. The Lord had it all laid out, There's no room for any doubt.If we obey the golden rules, We'll hear the angels Read On

You are great by st. chika complete Audio lyrics

Song Title: You are Great Artist: St. Chika THE FULL LYRICS CHORUS You are great You are great, God You are great, Lord There is none like you (like you) (Repeat)VERSE 1 You died for me my Lord and Saviour Christ that I'll be great You shed your blood on mount of Calvary that I'll be saved And anytime I call upon your name you never fail So ama praise your holy name till the end of Read On

Happiest Man on Earth by St. Chika Complete Lyrics

Song Title: Happiest Man on Earth Artist: St. Chika THE FULL LYRICS Verse 1 What God has put together Let no man put asunder (x3)What God has joined together Let no man bring another (x3)I will love you girl Treat you like you want me girl Never make you worry girl Make you feel so wanted girl. (Repeat once)CHORUS I'm the happiest man on earth The Happiest Man on Read On