EBEZINA by Preye Odede Full Lyrics

EBEZINA was released by the phenomenon gospel artist Preye Odede who hails from the southern part of Nigeria. The song is released under his album titled "My Script" and was really a hit even before the video was made public. The Lyrics Update! November, 2015.We have the correct lyrics sent in by Sister Mohammed h. Benedicta and have decided to update this lyrics section with the correct Read On

the woman with blood

TITLE: THE WOMAN WITH BLOOD VERSE: There was a woman, that was sick with the issue of blood For 12 good years, this woman has been suffering, no solution, no solution oh My Bible tell me say, she don suffer many things for many doctors hand oh When she go to one native doctor, den gu tell am say may she killy goat She gu go for another native doctor oh… den gu tell am Read On


TITLE:              JEHOVAH MOST HIGH (PST. E. A. ADEBOYE & OTHERS)VERSE I: You are the reason, why I am singing You are the reason, why I am living You the song that I sing, komasobabire You brought me out on the miry clay You set my feet on the rock to stay, Layeloru, Talabafiyowe eh… eh… Talolebatoba, Obatolanuho, Toleyebani Ogon Jehovah you are the most high Read On


TITLE: MY VOICE (GBENGA ADENUGA) PRAISE  Intro: Amen... I want you all to put your hands together HallelujahVerse: In the morning when i wokeup I know.... your love was there for me At the break of this new day I know... your love is reveal to me (repeat 2x)Bridge: My Lord... My God... Is in you i lift my voice All i have, comes from you All i Am, you made me to Read On

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Rev. Victor Atenaga)

TITLE:    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Rev. Victor Atenaga)Lead vocal intro: Receive all the GloryMain intro: where ever you are Join us Join my friend Wisdom K. Glorify His name HallelujahVerse: No one can stand you greatness I give you my praise eh eh eh eh.. Oh oh oh oh oh You are Beautiful oh... God yeah We lift our voice to you Today Eh eh eh eh eh You are the ancient Read On

Glorified (Salvation Ministry Choir)

Title: Glorified (Salvation Ministry Choir)Verse: I am the head and not the tail I am above and not beneath Distinguished by His Glorious light To stand up  where ever am found I am a carrier of His Glory To show forth His praise on Earth His Glory it's rasen upon me (2x).Chorus: God has Glorified me... The Glory of the Lord is Rasen Upon me... Glorified me... E... Read On