Wedding day Lyrics By Frank Edwards

Iye ye yeNa my wedding dayI dream say you carry my babyMy children go dey call you mama,mama,mama,mama ehNo be auntyMy mama go dey call you iyawoMy Papa go dey call you Nwanyi oma,AsanwaI dream say i dey call you Wify, babyAny time you see me on my knees,make you know say I dey pray to Godmake my dream no just waka passlike moto,make Baba God snap us fotoBaba God na your hand I dey oI know Read On

Chi m oh Lyrics By Frank Edwards

Chi m oh, Chi m oh (My God)What a mighty God you areChi m oh, Chi m ohWhat a faithful God you areChi m oh, Chi m ohI give you all my praiseImara nma (you are beautiful)I di ebube (you are glorious)Onye nwem na Chineke muo (My Lord and my God)Otuto nile (all the praise)Ekele na mbuli elu (Thanks and exaltation)Obu gi nwuru onwu n'ihi mu (because you died for me)Idi Read On

Chukwu Ebuka – Frank Edwards Main Lyrics

Song Title : Chukwu EbukaAuthor : Frank EdwardsThe Lyrics  VERSE 1:Chukwu Ebuka (God is big)Chukwu Ebuka (God is big) Oh oh oh ohMa'm kowa nmeso oma gi (if I talk about your goodness)Chi ga eji, Chi ga abo (Night will come, and Day will break, but I won’t finish saying it)You've been so good to meMa'm kowa ihe oma I n'eme  (If I talk about all the good things you do)Chi ga eji,Chi ga abo (Night will Read On

Papa Nara Ekele – Frank Edwards Lyrics

One of the very favorite Gospel Music piece from this seasoned gospel artist Frank.Song Title :  Papa Nara EkeleAuthor : Frank EdwardsThe Lyrics Nana nana ehNana nana eh (2X)You're the only reason whyThe only reason I sing my songYou're the only reason whyThe only reason am livingYou never Change, oh noYou never Fail, Oh noYou'r stuck in  my brainNot letting go,This is my song that am singing to Read On

Blow my Mind – Frank Edwards Full Lyrics

Song Title : Blow my MindAuthor :  Frank EdwardsThe Full Lyrics  Back in the days I use to sale kpomo,I no know say you get big plans for me,You be my one and only,My mama no fit do am for me,My papa no fit do am for me,Chuku Ebuka,Na you de make me dey wonderChorusGan! Gan! Gan! (Sure)You dey blow my mind,mind,mindI go follow you,you,youTo the end of time,time,time (2X)Me I know say me I spiritualy Read On

Oghene Doh Lyrics in-Full: a song by Frank Edwards

Song Title : Oghene Doh Author : Frank Edwards The Full Lyrics VERSE 1: When ever I call, you are there, When ever I pray,Lord you hear me, am not alone,this I know What can I bring to you Lord, but this song of praiseCHORUS: Oghene Doh (Lord I priase you) Doh doh doh Ogene DohVERSE 2: For the things you've done for me, Kiri doh doh doh kiri doh For the life you gave, yea you brought me close Read On