Ome Mma by Nelson Nitro Lyrics

[Verse 1]

You are God alone
No one else like you
You are all I want
You’re my everything
My morning star
My shinning
The air I breathe….
Lifter of my hand
Lifter of my voice Lifter of my heart and soul
None compares you You, you, you. ….


Ome Mma e x2 Onye ne me Mma…
Odogwu e x2 Isi Ike ndu m e..
Ome Mma e x2
Aka na gwor oria Odogwu e….
You are awesome x2

[Verse 2]

You took by my hand
Led me through the path
Gave my life a meaning
My life is now brand new
You’re my life You’re my light
You’re my every, every… thing….. Every…..thing……. yeah……

[Repeat Chorus] x2

O Lord we give you praise
We give you glory We magnify your name..

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