Ole Halleluyah Full Lyrics: A song By Mairo Ese ft. Nathaniel Bassey

Song Title:  Ole Halleluyah

Author : Mairo Ese featuring Nathaniel Bassey

Genre: Gospel

Full Lyrics

Meregire ogeneme
Oyeavo Merelele
Meregire Ogeneme
Oyeavo Merelele
Merasuo, ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah-o-o-o-o
Ka ogeneme
Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah-o-o-o
Merasuo, ki Jesu mme
Come on everybody
Wherever you are
Let us give God praise
He alone deserves this praise
He alone is worthy (hey hey-oh-oh-oh)
We sing you a song of praise Oh God
Meregire ogeneme
Oyeavo merelele
Meregire ogeneme
Oyeavo merelele (say)
Meregire Ogeneme (ogeneme o)
Oyeavo (oyeavo)
Merelele (meregire meregire)
Meregire ogeneme
Oyeavo merelele (meregire)
Meregire (my God and my father)
Ogeneme (to you the song we breath)
Oyeavo (oyeavo oyeavo)
Merelele (I will praise you oh God)
Meregire ogeneme
Oyeavo merelele
Merasuo, ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Ka ogeneme
Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Merasuo, ki Jesu
Mme Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Merasuo ogeneme
Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Merasuo ki
Jesu mme (ole halleluyah)
Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Merasuo, ogeneme
Ole halleluyah
Ole halleluyah
Merasuo, ki
Jesu mme (oh oh oh)
Somebody lift your voice
Wherever you are
Lift your hands
In your car In your home
In the church
And let’s praise this
God (instruments)
He alone alone deserves the praise (speaking in tongues)
We will praise you (speaking in tongues)
Let the praise of God Spring forth from your heart,
From your belly
Let it out
(instruments and worships)
(thank you Jesus)
Praying and adoration.

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