All of those burdens
He will help you to burn
Life is so full of sorrows
Then he will help you to burn

God won’t put more on you
Than you can bare because
In time of troubles, trials and sorrow
(He’ll be there, he’ll be there)

Lean on Jesus
He won’t let you fall
Just have faith in Him
And believe that He’s your only God
And is never too busy
To answer your prayers because
In time of troubles, trials and sorrows
(He’ll be there, he’ll be there)

I want to be ready,
I want to be ready,
I want to be ready
To walk in Jerusalem
Just like John.

Three gates to the north,
Three gates to the south,
Three gates to the east,
Three gates to the west.

Twelve gates to the city
Twelve gates to the city
Walk in Jerusalem just like John

I’m just a nobody
Tryin’ to tell everybody
About somebody
Who can save everybody

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I had so many problems in my life
That I just couldn’t deal with
So I started drinking
Thought it could help ease my pain
But things got worse
So I said Lord I give up now
Now I need your help
And that’s when my life
Began to change
But these people think
I’m just a nobody


On the street day and night
That’s my life
That’s my home
And got nowhere else I can go
So I just walk the street
Telling the people about Jesus
From corner to corner
And from door to door
But they only wonder at me and say I’m a nobody


And tell the people say
Yes the Lord can save
Oh he can save
He can save your soul
I tell you
Through Jesus Christ
Your life can change
And He can make it whole
He can bring you everlasting joy
Peace within your soul
Oh Jesus sometimes when I feel
Kinda down
I know where to go
And call His name
And I tell him, listen God
I can’t do it on my own
And I need you
And I need you
I need you right now
I know you can change me
I’m a nobody

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