NTATE KE MANG LYRICS by Puleng March – JOYOUS 18 Choir

 Ke habile lehodimo
[I’m heading to heaven]
Tseleng ha ke na bolutu
[On the way I’m not lonely]
a ke tsamaye ke le mong
[For I’m not traveling alone]
kena le Morena Jesu
[I have Jesus the King]
Lefelleng mo ke tsamayang
[In the wilderness I’m walking at]
Ho lahleha ba bangata
[Many have lost their way]
Empa nna ya ntsamayisa
[But the one who accompanies me]
Ke Jeso ke monnga tsele
[Is Jesus the owner of this journey]
Ntate ke mang ya kang ka wena?
[Father, who is greater than you?]
O tshwanetswe ke thoriso
[You are worthy to be praised]
Ntate ke mang ya kang ka wena
O tshwanetswe ke Thoriso
O morena wa marena
[You’re the King of Kings]
O Kgosi ya diKgosi
[You’re the Lord of Lords]
Molefatsheng le mahodimong
[On earth and in heaven]
Hao ya tshwanang le wena
[There is none like you]
Hayo ya tshwanang le wena
Hayo ya tshwanang le wena
I’ve searched all over
I’ve sought all over
But there is nobody like my God
Nobody like Jesus
Nobody like my God
Who rose Lazarus from the dead?
Nobody but my Jesus
Who can heal all your diseases?
Nobody but my Jesus
When the enemy comes like a flood
My Jesus raises the standard
Nobody like my Jesus
Nobody like my God
Hayo ya tshwanang le wena
Hayo ya tshwanang le wena

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