Not By Power by T.D. Jakes Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: Not By Power

Artist: T.D. Jakes


Not By Power
(written by Myron Butler & Robert Searight)
(recorded by Bishop T.D. Jakes & The Potter’s House Mass Choir)
(based on Zechariah 4:6)

Verse 1:
The race is not given to the swift,
nor is the battle given to the strong;
but to the one that endureth,
to Him I will trust,
in You and You alone.

Not by power
(it’s no goodness) of my own.
not by might, (it’s by the hand of the Lord),
that I’ve overcome;
by Your spirit is the victory won,
by Your spirit the victory’s won.

Verse 2:
Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave
by dying on the cross so that we might be saved.
Through Him we now have the victory,
no longer bound, we have been set free.

Repeat Chorus

Your loving kindness,
Your tender mercies,
Your many blessings
(You give to me each morning I see, I see)

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By Your spirit,
it’s Your spirit.


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