No Shakara Lyrics by Afriy David

I go left, right
Forward ,Back
Didn’t ever know I’ll come this far

All the ups ,downs
Makes and breaks
My God never fail me for this life oo
He made goodness and mercy
Follow me for back oo 2x
He placed my feet upon the solid Rock,solid Rock.
This kind God eeii
I never see your kind oo
This kind God eeeii
You never do me shakara shakara
Call & Response
God you don save me
My life don better
You sugar my coco
You butter my bread oo2x
I no go fear…(No shaking)
I no go scatter…
He no go fail oo
God is able
I no go shake
I no go fail
I no go shutter
No wahala dey oo
Everybody lalala
Lala lala…
Till fade

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