Nkosi yezulu, ulikhaka lethu
[Heavenly Father you are our shell]
Mkhuseli onamandla, kweso sihlalo senceba.
[Powerful protector, on thy mercy seat]

Mdali wako konke, uyinqaba yenyaniso,
[Creator of all, you are the true hiding place]
Melusi onothando, uhleli enyangweni
[Loving shepherd, You stay in heaven]

Izingelosi zimi phambi kwakho,
[Angels standing in front of you]
Izidalwa ziyathuthumela,
[Creatures sing]
Zithi uyingcwele
[Saying holy]
Ngcwele, uyingcwele
Uyabusa ingunaphakade,
[You reign forever]
Uyinkosi enamandla,
[Powerful God]
masikhothame simhubele.
[Let’s bow down and sing softly]

Hallelujah, siyakudumisa
[Hallelujah, we praise you]
Halelujah, uyabusa phakade

Hallelujah, umukhulu,
[Hallelujah, You are the greatest]
Amen amen.

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  • lyrics of the creator of Heaven by Buhle Thela

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