Niwe Lyrics by Nairobi Chapel Choir

Song Tittle: Niwe.
Artiste: Nairobi Chapel Choir
Country: Kenya
Sifa Zote Nakuba bwana
(All praise i give to you Lord)
Kwa yale yote unayotenda
(For all that you are doing)
Viumbe viote vyakusifu mwokozi wetu
(All creations praise you our Savior).

Na sisi wana wako tunakuabudu
(And we your children we worship you)
Kwani ni wewe.
(It is you)
(Who loves us)
Nani akowa.
(Who saves?)
Nani akomboa.
(Who redeems?)
Nani atupenda.
(Who loves us?)
Response: NIWE. (You)
Nani afariji.
(Who comforts?)
Nani abariki.
(Who blesses?)
Nani tunasifu.
(Who do we praise?)
Niwe, Niwe, Niwe (You, you, you)
Yesu, Yesu, Yesu
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
Utukuzwe Milele.
(Be glorified forever)
Milele, Milele, Milele
(Forever, Forever, forever.)

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