Umhlaba wawunga kabikhona
[Earth was not created yet]
Owayekhona uLizwi
[Word was there]
[Word was God]
ULizwi wayekuNkulunkulu
[Word was within God]
Mhlaba lo wamnyama
[Earth was in darkness]
Wamemeza uLizwi
[And Word commanded]
Wathi makube nokukhanya
[Said there shall be light]
Vele ukukhanya kwabakhona
[And there was light]
Ingaba ubani loyo
[Who is that?]

Nguwe Jehova, nguwe Jehova
[It’s You Jehovah]
Nguwe Jehova, nguwe Jehova

Yena wadal’ izulu nomhlaba
[You created heaven and earth]
Wayesedala umuntu
[And created a person]
Waphefumlela kumuntu
[And breathe life upon the person]
Uba abuse phezu komhlaba
[So he may run the world]
Ingaba ubani loyo

Nguwe Jehova, nguwe Jehova
Nguwe Jehova, nguwe Jehova

Ngubani loyo onesikhwele
[Who is the jealous one?]

Ngubani loyo
UThixo kaIsrael
[Lord of Israel]
Sivuk’ ekuseni
[We wake up in the morning]
Kungenxa yakhe
[Because of You]
Silapha sonke
[We’re all gathered here]
Imisebenzi yakhe
[It’s His works]
Ubani loyo woyoyoyo
UThixo kaIsrael
Sime ngaye
[We stand through Him]


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