I Need You to Breathe by Earnest Pugh Full Lyrics

Song Title: I Need You to Breathe

Artist: Earnest Pugh



Need you to breathe
oh God oh God i need you, Oh now

This hands, I will raise,
This voice, will praise,
I live, to worship you
Jesus here is my heart (Jesus here is my heart)
Here’s my soul (Here’s my soul)
Take control

Chorus: x4

I need you to breathe (x2)
You are the air i breathe

oh oooo
You are the air i breathe
You heal, You save,
Without, Your grace, I know i would be lost
One Cross, One Grave, One Life, You Gave
You did it all for Me,
So i give you my heart,
Here is my soul, take control.

Repeat Chorus

Oh Oh Oh (x3)
I need to breathe (x2)
Oh Oh Oh, Oh God am desperate for you.
Oh Oh Oh,
and am so lost without you.
I need you to breathe (x2)

There’s no way,
No way i can breathe without you,
There’s no way

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I need you to breathe (x2)
You are the air i breathe.

The Video

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