Nashukuru Lyrics by Maselinah Wambugu

Song Tittle: Nashukuru
Artiste: Maselinah Wambugu
Country: Kenya
Umenipa uhai baba nafasinyingine ya siku mpya.
(You have given me life and another chance for a new day).
Baaaabaaaa, Nashukuruuu.
(Lord I am grateful)
Umeniponya roho na mwili tabibu wa ajabu wewe yesu.
(You have healed my body and soul, Jesus a wonderful healer)
Babaaaaa, Nashukuruu
(Lord I am grateful)
Umeondoa laana kabadilisha kuwa baraka.
(You have removed all the curses and changes them into blessings).

Baba, Nashukuru.
(Lord I’m grateful)
Kilio changu ewe yesu kabadilisha kuwa furaha.
(My tears of sorrow you have changed them to tears of Joy).
Baba, nashukuru.
(Lord I’m grateful)
Kwa moyo wangu wote.
(With all my heart)
Nasema asante kwako Messiah
(I say thanks to you Messiah)
Nilipokuwa mnyonge baba umekua nguvu yangu.
(When I was weak you were my strength.)
Babaa, Nashukuru
(Lord I am grateful)
Nayo mishale ya yule mwovu hayajanipata umenilinda
(The arrows of the enemy didn’t find me because you kept me)
Babaaa, Nashukuru
(Lord I am grateful).
Umeniongoza mwokozi wangu kanisimamisha imara.
(You lead me and established me).
Babaaaa, Nashukuru
(Lord am grateful)
Umenitoa kwenye shimo la giza kaniweka kwenye mwanga.
(You rescued me from a dark pit and out me into light)
Babaaa, Nashukuru.
(Lord I am grateful)
Yale yote umetenda ni mingi mno na ya ajabu.
(All that you have done is so much and miraculous).
Sijuie nisemeje.
(I don’t know what to say)
Messiah Nashukuruuu.
(Messiah I’m grateful)

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