Na You Be God By Tim-Godfrey Ft. Eben & Ccioma Lyrics in-Full

Song Title – Na You Be God

Author – Tim Godfrey

Song’s Language – Nigeria Pidgin English

Na You Be God Lyrics in-Full

Ibụ Chukwu Ị bụghị mmadụ(4x) (You are God You’re not man.)

Na You be God Almighty God

You no be man oh
You no be man oh
Nara Ekele (take Glory)
Nara Otuto (Receive Worship)
Ome Mma (You who do Good)
Nanị Gị ka m ga efe (You alone will l serve)
Aga m aja Gị mma (l will praise You)
Si na ebighebi, ebighebi ruo na ebighebi(2x) (From Everlasting, Everlasting to Everlasting)

Ancient of days
You never ever change all
Ịdịghị agbanwe agbanwe (2x) (You do not Change)

From age to age Lord,
You remain the same
Ịdịghị agbanwe agbanwe (2x) (You do not Change)

Repeat chorus.

The Video

We couldn’t find an official video for this wonderful song but does have an interesting Piano cover we believe you are going to be blessed richly by God as you watch the clip below.

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