My God is Awesome Lyrics in-Full: a Song by Charles Jenkins

Song Tittle: My God is Awesome

Artists: Charles Jenkins ft. Canton Jones & Jessica Reedy & Isaac Carree & Da’ T.R.U.T.H.


Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain
My God is awesome, heals me when Im broken
Strength where Ive been weakened, forever He will reign

My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome
My God is awesome and awesome, awesome, awesome
My God is awesome, Savior of the whole world
Giver of salvation, by His stripes I am healed
My God is awesome, today I am forgiven
His grace is why I’m living, praise His holy name
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome

Our God is awesome the world is full of iconic figures
The people praise him they stock is up at a high percentage
The giants in our eyes, The sky’s the limit
The picture painted is larger than life but God is bigger
Yeah, God is Greater
I weighed Him on a scale, like CROCS and GATORS
Found that only God can save us
Yeah God is Gracious, that’s who we flock to,
In the day of trouble, an when we blow it like hot food
You got it right with that song it echoes the Hottest,
They wonder why we so serious, It’s ’cause Jesus Christ is also man period.
O.K. My Jesus The son Christ the King of Kings, And He’s God on earth
My Messiah born and raised to give us all a second birth,
And from heaven He came down, to free all that were bound
Oh God the four and twenty fell down casting down their crowns

Saying THOU art worthy LORD to receive
So every Man, Woman, Boy, and Girl


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