Mulungu Niwabwino Lyrics by Nathan Chikoya

Ndinu tanthwe langa kobisala kwanga Yahweh,
Ndinu mphamvu yanga sindigwedezeka Yahweh.

Nikalangana kwamene nichakokela niyamika Mulungu pachikondi chake.
Nikalangana vamene ninapitamo niyamika Mulungu pachikondi chake.

Niwabwino, niwabwino iye iye.
Niwabwino, wabwino iye iye.

Verse 1
When I look at the mountains that I’ve climbed
All of my foes defeated Lord I give you thanks.
You are the bright and morning star the light in the darkness.

Verse 2
How can I thank you? How can I praise you? Knowing my words are not enough
How can I thank you? How can I praise you? My life be a song of love to you.
What can I give you? What can I offer you? That is not already yours
Yet you stoop so low and you touch my life;you regard my humble estate.
Lord you crown my life with goodness beyond measure.
You surround my life with songs of redemption and you fill my cup until it overflows.

Song Notes: “The song title means God is good”
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