Imela (Thank you) by Nathaniel Bassey Ft Enitan Adaba Lyrics

Song Title – Imela (Thank you)

AuthorNathaniel Bassey Featuring Enitan Adaba

Song’s Language – Igbo

imela by Nathaniel Bassey lyrics

Imela Lyrics in full

Stanza 1:

When I think upon your goodness;
And Your faithfulness each day
I’m convinced it’s not because I am worthy –
to receive the kind of love that You give.
But I’m grateful for your mercy,
and I’m grateful for your grace
And because of how You’ve poured out Yourself,
I have come to sing this song out in praise


Imela, Imela (Thank You! Thank You!)
Okaka, Onyekeruwa (Great and Might creator of the world)
Imela, Imela, (Thank You! Thank You!)
Eze m Oh (My King)

Stanza 2:

Who am I to sing Your praises?
Who am I to worship You?
It’s Your blood that makes the difference in me
And made a way to enter into Your throne
I could not come near Your presence
I could never sing Your song
But the sacrifice on Calvary’s tree
is the reason I can cry out today

Onyedikagi? Ekene diri gi(Who is like You? All Glory belongs to You)
Onyene mema (He who does good)
Onyedikagi? Ekene diri gi (Who is like You? All Glory belongs to You)
Onye nagworia (Mighty Healer)

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