Lyrics: Neno by Annette Tenaya

Song Title: Neno (The Word)
Author:  Annette Tenaya
Music Language:  Swahili

Full Lyrics 

Jambo moja we, nimepata we (There is one thing that I know)
Umenipa Baba (That You have given me, Father)
Neno yako everytime, (Your Word everytime)
Chakula cha roho yangu (To Feed my soul)
Wanishibisha (You Satisfy me)
Sina haja vya kutafuta hiyo vingine vilivyo vyajileta (I have no desire for other)
Neno lako ndani yangu, (For Your Word in me)
Linanipa miye maisha bora (Gives me a great life)

Ninaamini Neno Lako laongoza (I believe that Your Word leads)
Ninaamini Neno Lako ni mwanga (I believe that Your Word is the Light)
Ninaamini Neno Lako lina nguvu (I believe that Your Word is powerful)
Kanipa maisha bora, ninapaa (It has given me a great life, I fly)

Neno lako we, (Your Word)
Habari njema we, pande zote Baba (Is good news everywhere Father)
Waleta amani, na upendo, (It brings peace and love)
Baraka tele umoja kila kona (And abundant blessings everywhere)
Yaokoa kila mtu (It saves everyone)
Haibagui rangi (Not discriminating against color)
Jinsia ama lolote (Gender or anything else)
Hili neno tamu kuliko asali, (This sweet word, sweeter than honey)
Na ni maisha yangu (And is my life)

I love You, You are my Joy
(Nimeamini, neno… [ni neno]) – (I have believed the word)
See your Spirit is my comforter,
Helper and my strengthener, I am never lonely
And Your word is a light unto my path
And a lamp unto my feet
As I’m walking in the capital city,
Imma talk it all let the world know it all
You are my Joy

(Nimeamini, neno… [ni neno]) – (I have believed the word)
Every single day, I will give you praise, hey!
Ni neno (It’s The Word)

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