Ichitemwiko by Abel Chungu Musuka Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: IchitemwikoArtist: Abel Chungu Musuka  THE FULL LYRICS it's not every day I want you Don't mean to sound so harsh But it's every day I need you I loved you right from the start Sometimes I feel I've drifted Off To the farthest stars Only to find i'm resting Wrapped in your loving armsBridge 1; Eh chitemwiko/ balililapo bonse Eh chitemwiko/ that causes my Read On

Elu Elu Wonder Lyrics in-Full

INTRO1:Call:       from the south south we’ve come to say!Resp:     Ogene ruweh doh ohCall: And from the North, we bring a songResp:     Allah sariki ohCall:       From the East, we’ve come to say ohResp:     Chineke Imela oh…, Ekele nile, O’ge ja mma, nwayogu nilehCall:       in our way sing a songResp:     Baba we thank you, for the many many things you dey do Read On

Yesu yo Elunga by Apostle Johnson Suleman full Lyrics

Song Title:  Yesu yo ElungaAuthor:  Apostle Johnson Suleman The Full Lyrics STARTING(SOLOIST) Oh oh oh oh Iye Iye Iye iye Yesu yo elonga Yesu yo elonga Heykumo Heykumo Yesu yo elonga IyeCHORUS Yesu yo elonga Yesu yo elonga Yesu yo elonga Iye (Repeat chorus 3x)VERSE 1 when i was weak You lifted me I have no home You gave me a shelter People laughed and scorned at Read On

Covenant Keeping God by Sonnie Badu Full Lyrics

Song Tile: Covenant Keeping GodAuthor: Sonnie BaduLanguage: English and Twi The Full Lyrics Stanza 1Your name is Jehovah, Your name is Elohim At the mention of your Name; Every knee must bow At the mention of Your Name; Every tongue shall confess That You are the Covenant Keeping God There’s no one like YouChorus: Covenant keeping God, There’s no one like You Alpha and Read On

Ole Halleluyah Full Lyrics: A song By Mairo Ese ft. Nathaniel Bassey

Song Title:  Ole HalleluyahAuthor : Mairo Ese featuring Nathaniel BasseyGenre: Gospel Full LyricsMeregire ogeneme Oyeavo Merelele Meregire Ogeneme Oyeavo Merelele Merasuo, ole halleluyah Ole halleluyah-o-o-o-o Ka ogeneme Ole halleluyah Ole halleluyah-o-o-o Merasuo, ki Jesu mme Come on everybody Wherever you are Let us give God praise He alone deserves this praise He Read On

Carry Me Dey Go by House Of Playright, Kenny K’Ore Lyrics

Song Title: Carry Me Dey GoAuthor:  House Of Playright featuring Kenny K’Ore The Full Lyrics INTRO House of playright plus kore ooo ooo Carry me dey go dey go oo ooo 2xCHORUS Carry me dey go baba carry me dey go dey go 2x Carry me waka baba carry me waka waka dy go Carry me dy go baba carry me dy go dy go Carry me waka ah baba carry me dy go dy go oooh ehyaSTANZA 1 – PRINCESS Read On