Kilele (The Summit) Lyrics by Pitson

(Sung in Swahili)

Macho ya Bwana hayalali hayasinzii (The Lord’s eyes does not sleep nor slumber)
Alinitoa mbali na vile nilikuwa vizii (He brought me from far though I was hopeless (?))
Kijana wa umasikini, ameshika shilingi (A poor youth, has been successful)
Ametoa (He has released) “Lingala ya Yesu” na bado anatia bidii (And He still works hard)
Akisema atakubariki, sio uwongo (If He says that He will bless you, He does not lie)
Akisema atakubariki, uliza (If He says, He will bless you, ask) Jemimah Thiong’o
You’re dreams are valid, no matter where you’re from
Kama huamini uliza (If you don’t belive, ask) Lupita Nyong’o




{Ingawa shida ni nyingi, ni nyingi, ni nyingi, ni mob (Though the troubles may be many)

Nazo raha ni haba, ni haba, ni haba, ni haba, ni kidogo (and joy may be rare) } x2
Tukunje shati, tuanze kazi (Lets fold our sleeves, and start work)
Tupige magoti, tuanze maombi (Kneel before Him and start praying)


{Tutafika kilele (We shall reach the summit) x3

(Tutafika) Tukiwa na Yesu (We shall reach with Jesus),
Kilele, kilele, kilele (The summit)} x2


Alikulipia deni msalabani (He paid your debts at the cross)
Ya mama mboga atashindwa kiaje (How shall the grocery bills faze Him)?
Alilipia Jonah safari, samaki, airline (He paid for Jonah’s trip, fish and freight)
Visa yako, amesema (About your visa: He has said) “That’s fine”
Akutoe kwa mathree, akuweke kwa (He would remove you from the bus, and place you in a) Merc II
Na kama hauna mtu, akupe plus 1 (If you have no spouse, he gives you plus 1)


Kwa muziki, Kilele (In music, the summit) 
Kwa masomo, kilele (In studies, the summit)
Tutafika eh, kilele (We shall reach, the summit)
Kilele, kilele, kilele, oh kilele (The summit)


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