Ha ke le tje ke le mobe,
Ke le ya kgesehang
Na hara baetsadibe
Nna ke bonwe jwang?
[When I’m bad and awful among all sinners How did he notice me?]
Jo ke mohlolohlolo,
Ha ke ratwa lenna,
Ka rato le lekalo
Leo ke morena
[This is a miracle that i’m also loved by the Lord]
O entse jwang moratuwa
[How did you do, my love]
Ntho e hlokolotsi..
[Such a miracle]
Le taemane ya bohlokwa
Ya mo lefatsheng
[Here on earth]
Wa batla wa batlisisa
[You searched and searched for me]
Ka dilimo lemo 
[Through years and years]
Wa phumama wang philisa
[And you have found me You have saved my life]
Wa nna Modima waka
[My Lord]
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved the wretch
Like me, like me, like me, like me
I once was blind but now I see 
I was a sinner
Sinner of all the bad things
In this world
But Jesus came
He rescued me
He made me what I am
That’s why I’m standing here say

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