Kazi ya Msalaba (The Work of the Cross) Lyrics by Daddy Owen ft. Danny Gift

(Sung in Swahili)
Baraka nimepokea, kwako nimetulia mimi (I’ve received blessings, I’m rested in you)
Nisije tumbukia kwa mambo ya dunia  (That I may not get lost in the world)
Kwako nijifiche milele  (Hide me in You forever)
Fitina zanizingira, anasa kila kona  (Gossip and earthly pleasures surround me)
Kwa mikono yako, niweke mtakatifu  (Make me Holy with your hands)
Tokea leo hadi milele  (From now until forever)
Niwie radhi mimi, kwa makosa yote  (Forgive me, for all my sins)
Anipenda, anijali, anipenda  (He loves me, He cares for me, He loves me)
Kazi ya msalaba, (The work of the cross)
Nimeipokea, nimekubali  (I’ve received it, I have accepted it)
Nitakusifu, nitakuimbia milele  (I  will praise and sing to you forever)
Ilikuwa ni juzi tu, mwanzo kwangu katembea (It was recent that you visited me)
Ukapumzisha kwangu kugonjea  (You rested in me and I was content)
Lakini kwako zaidi nasogea  (But I move closer to you)
Nishiriki nawe kwa mazoea  (That I may worship with you often)
Zile kwako ndo napokea  (I receive all from you)
Nikuone, kwangu Baba ukinitendea  (Father let me see your work in me)
Wewe ndo wangu tu, mimi na wewe tu  (You are mine, You and me alone)
Nikwone kwangu ukinitendea  (Let me see your work in me) (Repeat)
Siri ni Yesu/Baba   (The secret is Jesus/Father)
Siri ni ye x2 siri ni yesu   (The secret is x2 The secret is Jesus) (Repeat)

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