I Bu Dike by Emmasings complete lyrics

Song Tittle: I bu Dike

Artist: Emmasings


Here’s the full lyrics to Ibu Dike by Emmasings. It is provided to serve as a guidance and for your own learning. Feel free to share your views on this masterpiece from Bro Emmasings.


i bu Dike,

i bu Eze,

onweghi ihe i napughi ime, chim eee,

so so gi bu chi,

onweghi onye dika gi,

mmalite na ogugu,

onweghi onye dika gi.


Verse 1:

Eze, onye na-emere m mma,

You are, my good shephard,

Dike n’anya, you are always fighting all my battles,

You are, strong and mighty,



i bu Chineke ebube, onye kasi elu,

halleluya, halleluya oooo,

i bu Chineke ebube, onye kasi elu,

halleluya, halleluya oooo.


Repeat the chorus 2X


Verse 2:

there is nothing, to hard for you to do,

i lay you down my burden,

i lay you down my pains,

so so gi chim,

nana gi nwere ike nile,

agada gbachi uzo nwoke obi oma

Olileanya ndi nso,


Repeat Bridge

Repeat chorus 2X


Verse 3:

nani gi ka m ga efe, (dike) 5x

you are the king i will serve (dike)

with all my heart i will serve you (dike)

i will give all my praise (dike)

i will give you all my worship (dike)

take them all lord 2X

all my Lord, take them all (dike)

all my worship, take them all (dike)

thank you Lord Jesus 2x (dike)


Repeat chorus once


The Video:

Here’s the video to Ibu Dike: A soul-awakening song by Emmasings. Remain blessed as you watch to the Glory of God.

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