He is My Rooftop by Mighty Clouds Of Joy Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: He is My Rooftop

Artist: Mighty Clouds Of Joy


This song He’s My Rooftop was written by Jerry Peters and was recorded by The Mighty Clouds Of Joy


Verse 1
For He’s my rooftop in the rage of the storm.
He’s my protector, there’ll never be no harm.
He is the bread that sits on my table,
my God can do it, He’s truly able.

I’m gonna serve Him,
I’m gonna serve Him,
I’m gonna serve Him,
I’m gonna serve Him,

Try my Jesus, try Him out,
He’s worthy to be served.

Verse 2
(He’s my mountaintop)
when I was down in the valley,
(He’s my road to Damascus),
when I lived in an alley.
(He’s the Good, Good, Shepherd),
that watches over me,
(He’s my hope, He’s my joy, He’s my victory).


Try Him,
Try my Jesus, He will protect.

Why don’t you try Him,
Try my Jesus.

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He’ll be your rooftop in the raging storm.

Verse 1



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