Gore Richanakidza Lyrisc by Worship Addicts

Ndinowona vanhu vese voda kutamba neni
(I see everyone wanting to dance with me)
Ndinowona vanhu vese voda kuseka neni
(I see everyone wanting to laugh with me)
Favour mwana!
Ndinowona vanhu vese voda kundi shanyira
(I see everyone wanting to visit me)
Ndinowona vanhu vese voda kundipa mari
(I see everyone wanting to give me money)
Favour mwana!

Gore richanakidza,(I declare)
(My year will be exciting)(i declare)
(It will be exciting)
Huya uone kubata kwaMwari, gore rino X4
(come and see the hand of the Lord this year x4)
Nenyasha dzaMwari, Gore rangu
(By the grace of God..My year)
(Wil be an exciting one)
Zuva rangu richanakidza (he he),
(My day will be an exciting one (he he)
nenyasha dzaMwari
(By the grace of God)
Gore rangu
(My year)
(Wil be exciting)
mwedzi wangu
(MY month)
(Wil be exciting)
vhiki yangu
(My week)
(wil be exciting)
Tavekupinda mu realm ye maEuro(gore rino)
(We are getting in the ralm of the euros (this year)
Tavekupinda mu realm yemaNgoda(gore rino)
(we are getting into the realm of the diamonds)(this year)
Tavekupinda mu realm yemaUsa(gore rino)
(We are getting in the realm of the us dollar)(this year)
Mapula, ma dollar, maRands(gore rino)
(Plas,us dollars and rands)(this year)
Tavekupind amu realm emaRing(gore rino)
(We are getting into realm of the rings)(this year)
Tavekupinda mu realm yema Makeke(gore rino)
(we are getting into the realm of cakes(this year)
Chibhachura, chibhachura, chichapera(gore rino)
Chibhachura, chibhachura, chichapera(gore rino
(we will be spending,spending)(this year)
iih, pane vamwe venyu vanga vachiti
(There are some people who are saying)
iri gore rave kuto firer already saka sei
(This year is already exciting but why?)
vanhu ava vachiimba vachiti richanakidza
(Are these people singing saying it wil be exciting)
isu tava kuto zipa, ahhh
(yet we are already enjoying)
ririkufaya, irikufaya, urikufaya
(its exciting,exciting,exciting)
Mwedzi wangu uri kuspaka (urikufirer urikufirer)X2
(My month is exciting)
Mwedzi wafirer (urikufirer urikufirer)
(The month is exciting)
Zuva ranakidza( ririkufirer ririkufirer)
(The day is very exciting)
Iiih iiih ehe, tyoka(irikufirer irikufirer)
(iii iiii ehe dance)

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