Giants Will Fall by Margaret Becker Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: Giants Will Fall

Artist: Margaret Becker



There’s a quite in the Kingdom
Feeling for a fight
There’s a stillness in your valley
That doesn’t quite seem right
Keep in mind that little boy
With a sling and what he said
When you see evil circumstance
Raise its ugly head

Giants will fall
When confronted by the power of prayer
Giants will fall
When they realize why you’re really there
Giants will fall
When they see that you don’t easily scare
Giants will fall
When confronted by the power of prayer

Goliath leering in the breech
He bragged they had no power
And as they let him make his speech
He grew bigger by the hour
Cause fear makes mountains taller
Faith makes mountains small
And when you’re standing in God’s strength
Giants have to fall

Repeat Chorus x2

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