Ese By Lily Perez Complete Lyrics

E get plan for your life
No dey fear
God e dey for your side o


(Repeated 2x)
Just farabale (3X)
God e dey
Just farabale(2ce)
In every thing you do
Lift your voice and say


Ese Ese
I go give thanks Baba
‘cause I know you get plan
Ese Ese


I no need to worry
‘cause  I know you care for me
(repeat chorus)


I know in whom I dey trust
I know dey fear
God e dey for my side o
As e dey for you
Who go fit come between
When e dey for your side o


Just farabale (3ce)
God e dry
Just farabale(2ce)
When trouble comes your way
Lift your voice and say


(Repeat chorus 2x)




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